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INSMART Wireless Doorbell, Plug-in Push Button with 55 Chimes, 5-Level Cycle Adjustable Volume, 1 Remote Button and 1 Plugin Receivers, IP 55,Doorbell Operating at over 1000-feet(300m) Range White

[The innovation of science and technology]- ISO code function with the same frequency of innovation, to avoid mutual interference between neighbors or false ringing. Can adjust the volume size, according to the different environment and different groups of people to adjust the volume (suitable place: rent house, family, hospital, school, company. Suitable Population: the elderly, children, disabled, pregnant women, patients :as for call ring)

[Waterproof and Dust-proof]-The IP55 waterproof and dust-proof work around the clock, the personalized cue card.The moist environment are not afraid of failure or decreased the sensitivity of the doorbell.

[Ringtone come your ear]-A wide selection of 55 melodies allows you to easily choose one to suit your preferences - enough for a new tune every week of the year, so you will never get bored with your doorbells chimes again. It is easy and simple to choose your favorite melody.The built-in 40 mm stereo speaker delivers clear and well-balanced sounds.And smart LED flashing lights to point ( when the receiver light means mute);5-Level Cycle Adjustable Volume from 0db to 110db

[Long wireless range]-Signal penetration strong, when no obstacle, the largest bell signal reception range of more than 300 meters.And it is certified by CE, FCC, PSE, and RoHS.

[Product warranty]-As a company focused on quality, we are very confident in the product, as long as you are satisfied ,we promise 18 months warranty.


Reap the benefits of premium security at home or at the office and be safely informed of visitors at your front, side or back doors with INSMART wireless doorbell.


Whether you are busy in the kitchen or in the garden, our wireless remote doorbell will securely announce your visitors thanks to its Long Operation Range in open space! The powerful transmitter of this long-range doorbell system is rated IP55 and fully weather-proof for outdoor use come rain or shine!


The transmitter button will flash BLUE LIGHT to add additional alert, while the receiver will flash to give a friendly hint of your guests’ arrival.


A wide selection of 55 ring-tones allows you to easily choose one to suit your preferences - enough for a new tune every week of the year, so you will never get bored with your doorbell's chimes again.

Easy DIY Installation

Install in no time your wireless doorbell system in 2 STEPS: *Plug the receiver into an electrical outlet in your home *Attach the push button base on the wall with double-sided adhesive tape

Rest Assured Your Purchase Is Risk-FREE:

At INSMART we take pride in the quality and craftsmanship of our wireless plug-in doorbell and back it with 18-month warranty.


Tunes:55 selectable options

Volume:5 level adjustable levels (0dB to 100dB)

Receiver Power: 110-260V

Battery in Transmitter: 12V23A Alkaline Battery

Package Includes

1 * Push Button (Transmitter)

1 * AC Chime (Receiver)

1 * Screw Tool

2 * Double-Sided Adhesive Tape

1 * 12V 23A Battery

1 * Manual

How to install a wireless doorbell?

Please test the operation range between the receiver and transmitter first.

1.Receiver: Plug the receiver into a standard outlet.

2.Transmitter: After making sure the right mounting position, clean the flat area where you want to install the transmitter.

Remove one side of the double-sided adhesive tape and stick it to the back side of the transmitter, remove the other side of the tape and stick it to wall, the press it for 10 seconds.

How do I change the sounds on my wireless doorbell?

1.Set Ringtone: 55 chimes for you to choose. Press button Forward/Backward on the receiver to choose your favorite ringtone.

2.Enter Pairing Mode: Press the Volume button and Forward button on the receiver at the same time until it makes a ‘Ding-Dong' sound and the indicator flashes. It will exit the pairing mode after 5 seconds automatically. If not completed, try this operation again.

3.Press the button on the transmitter, when the receiver plays the selected ringtone automatically, the pairing is completed.

Can I install push button outside where it could get wet?

Yes,doorbell push is IP55 waterproof rating and is protected from rain showers.


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